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About journal "Monitoring. Science and Technologies" ("MST")
ISSN 2076-7358
Science as a system and learned how its basic components are aimed at obtaining, new information, new knowledge, new "know how" (know-how) and the acquired knowledge should be made available to other researchers, among them certainly there are those who use the extracted information for analysis and synthesis and which go further in their work, do not forget to refer to the source, they served.
A classic source - a scientific journal.
Russian scientific and technical journal "Monitoring. Science and Technologies" published in the autumn of 2009.
Name born in hot disputes relevant time and place of his birth - Dagestan, the Caucasus, the hot southern Russia, the beginning of XXI-st century. The name, which has agreed to all the editorial board, responsible for both the direct interests of the main scientific editor (geosciences and conjugated monitoring), and bears a more general, global sense - "monitoring" in the sense of tracking the process of scientific research. We are confident that if the scientific and technical journals was made to supply the epigraphs, the Eastern wisdom - the instruction "Believe the one who says that seeks the truth, and do not believe someone who says he found it" precisely matched to the content of the word monitoring, and our view of the monitoring in science in general.

Journal sections
In journal 5 sections:
   Earth Science
   Information Systems and Technologies in Science and Education
   Physics and Mathematics
   Technical Science
   Information Section (Catalog of Earthquakes of the North-Eastern Caucasus)
The symbolic figure, placed us on a magazine cover «MST», where the methane molecule - the first in a series of hydrocarbons - atom "is replaced by" on the globe, brings the obvious meaning, uniting all sections of the journal.

Publication in the Scientific Electronic Library (НЭБ)
Our impact factor in the Scientific Electronic Library for 2017 – 0.441
«MST» represented in the Scientific Electronic Library – eLIBRARY.RU – Russia's largest information portal in the field of science, technology and education.

Jornal page in Scientific Electronic Library
Magazine logged RISC (Russian Science Citation Index). You can find our online journal, the impact factor for 2010 – 0.333, for 2011 – 0.345, for 2012 – 0.455, for 2013 – 0.660, for 2014 – 0.624, for 2015 – 0.250, for 2016 – 0.242.

Information journal
Please note that came out the 30th anniversary issue «MST». of Peer-reviewed and refereed journal «MST» published for the 9th year; Authors from 55 various scientific organizations in Russia and other countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the USA, Taiwan, Norway) have published their work in our magazine in the meantime.
Journal Article «MST» are publicly available on the website "Center of the dual monitoring the environment and natural resources", which is the founder and publisher of the magazine: www.csmos.ru. Until this site was some work on thermal physics exhibited at a joint portal for High Temperatures RAS and MEI thermophysics.ru.
Since 2011, the «MST» is reviewed in the Abstract Journal of VINITI three sections: geology, mathematics and physics.
From the 2nd half of 2012. Journal Rospechat included in the catalog, subscription index – 84650.
From the october 8, 2015 «MST» included in List GCC.
16 copies of each issue of the magazine «MST» go to the Book Chamber in Moscow for mandatory distribution on the basic libraries in the country
There is still some custom work printed by the Editorial Board «MST».
There is a proposal to consider our «Monitoring» as the newly acquired information platform.

Realizing that only through joint efforts can create a decent information product, welcome you as a potential author of our journal and invite you to fruitful cooperation.

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