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The purpose of the editorial board of the journal is to promote the integrity of publication process for research studies. When solving the ethical problems of relations with the author (including the agreement on the transfer of copyright, the rules for authors, the policy of peer reviewing and possible conflicts of interest), the editorial board focuses on COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) materials and ANRI. Based on them, the requirements of the «MST» journal are posted on the site.
1. Constant monitoring of compliance with publication ethics is implemented by the Editorial Staff.
– The editors accept materials containing new original scientific results, have not published earlier and not simultaneously submitted to other print or electronic media.
– Manuscripts are checked for plagiarism; unscrupulous authors will be denied publication.
– The editors ensure that all sources of any financial support for the project are disclosed and indicated.
– The editors do not discuss with the authors the reasons for refusal to publish.
– The paper if accepted for publication is placed on the journal website in open access.
– Each report on the fact of non-compliance with editorial ethics will be considered. In case of detection of errors and violations, the subsequent publication of relevant corrections, refutations or apologies is obligatory.

2. Editorial Council.
– The Editorial Council establishes and changes the rules for submitting papers, their design, procedure and form of reviewing.

3. Editorial Board.
– Electronic materials in accordance with the “Requirements to publication "are sent by the authors to the Editorial Board.
– The expert reviews a manuscript (rules below) avoiding a conflict of interest.
– Based on the reviews, the editorial board makes a decision on publication of the paper. Papers are published in order of priority receipts.
– The editorial board is responsible for the decision to publish.
– In case of refusal to publish, the editorial board sends the motivated refusal to the author.

4. Author(s).
– Authors must submit only original works, indicate that their study is published for the first time, and the data in the paper are authentic and genuine.
– Borrowed parts of the paper should be in the form of quotes and contain bibliographic references indicating the author and original source.
– Authors should report a conflict of interest at any stage of the process of peer review.
– Authors must ensure that the names of all co-authors and project participants who have made significant contributions to the study are indicated, and that all co-authors agreed with publication of the final version of the scientific work.
– By submitting the paper to the Editorial Board, the authors confirm their commitment to participate in making principled changes and correction of errors in the terms established by the editorial board at all stages of preparing a manuscript for publication, as well as in a final approval of the version submitted to print.

In the event of a conflict situation involving a violation of publication ethics in relation to any materials sent to the Editorial board of «MST», by the editor, author or reviewer, a mandatory investigation will be conducted. If there are significant inaccuracies in the publication, this material should be corrected in a form that is accessible to the reader and citation indices (DB).
In some cases, the article may be subjected to retraction.

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