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MST Authors Rules for authors

Rules for authors
The Journal "Monitoring. Science and Technologies (MST) publishes original works (research and survey) havent published previously and presenting the results of research and development in the following spheres of knowledge:
Sciences about Earth,
Information systems and technologies in science and education,
Physic and mathematical sciences,
Technical sciences.
Publication languages are Russian and English.
The volume of the paper (including title, abstract, and keywords in Russian and English, text, references, information about the authors): minimum - 9 pages, maximum - 20 pages.
Font - 12 size, Times New Roman,
Spacing 1.5,
Fields 2.5 cm from all sides,
Indent 1.25 cm.,
Decimal - point.
Structure of the paper:
Title (capital letters, bold),
Authors (full name),
Address data (name of the organization in full, mailing address, e-mail of the author),
Abstract (author's summary),
Keywords (The same in English),
Text of the paper,
Brief information about the authors (degree, academic title, position, address of the organization in full, without abbreviations).
The article is drawn up in accordance with the rules as a single file and sent with scan copies of documents to the electronic address of the MST Editorial office.

Dear authors!
Editorial board of the journal Monitoring. Science and Technologiescontinues preparing for the entering the SCOPUS international analytical database. A journal claiming it must satisfy a number of requirements for which both the Editorial board and the authors are responsible.
When writing a paper, authors should pay special attention to issues that form two units. This information (independent of the paper source) translated into English and / or transliterated into Latin will be used in the SCOPUS database. We draw your attention: these are requirements, not recommendations. Therefore, the paper in which these requirements are not met will not be considered by the Editorial board.

Unit 1 (Russian)
Name of all authors (in full),
Affiliation (organization, full name, mailing address, e-mail of the author),
Title of the paper (informative, short, no more than 10-12 words, no abbreviations),
Abstract (about 100-250 words, reflecting the aim, methods, novelty, the author's contribution and the results of the work. The structure of the abstract can follow the structure of the paper),
Keywords (5-10 words reflecting the subject area of the study),
Bibliographic list (Literature, preferably 15 - 20 references, half of them in English, the list does not include regulations, GOSTs, SNIPs, etc., references to them are footnotes in the text). The list is formed in alphabetical order, in the text there are numbers in square brackets).

Unit 2 (English and Latin): the same in English

Why we pay so much attention to bibliometrics?
Because properly designed links allow you to create and clarify the authors profile, organization profile, and ultimately judge the level of research in the country.
The rules for registration of materials in the MNT journal are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the SCOPUS database and RISC (see;; O.V. Kirillova, VINITI, SCOPUS database expert).

All liability associated with the misuse of intellectual property lies with the authors of the manuscript.
Papers are published on a commercial basis. The cost of publication is determined by its volume: 1 manuscript page 1000 rubles + journal copy 2500 rubles.

Manuscripts that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted.

Contact phone number:
(8-928) 962-32-60
Mailing address:367027, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, Sullivantia, 2

MST Authors Rules for authors
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