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MST Home Aims and scopes

The main aim of MST scientific journal is to serve as information and communication area for scientists engaged in natural sciences publishing the results of original research, i.e. to be a source and a means of transfer, exchange, and promotion scientific information overcoming all limitations.
Compliance with the scientific and publication ethics of authors relation (see the website). Perfection of the requirements for authors regarding the submitted manuscripts.
Engaging high-level experts as peer reviewers, and enhance peer reviewing culture.
Expansion of geography for authors and the Editorial board.
Maintaining a quality level of the journal (professionalism of the editors, proofreader, and translator; layout, color printing).
Publishing the high-level content that is original articles containing new results.
Facilitation of access to the papers i.e. open free access 1) to the full texts of papers in Russian (electronic versions, MNT website, and eLibrary); 2) metadata of the papers in English.
Promotion of publications including DOI assignment, and entry into electronic libraries.
Improving the status of MNT (it is included in the list of HAC).
Indexing in authoritative databases both national (RSCI) and international.

MST Home Aims and scopes
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